The game of life


When I think today of yesterday
oh! My God I feel so sad and tired too.
If you ask me why I’m still cryin’
all the answers I can give you
Hurt so bad.
All these years have passed me by,
maybe I’ve last the game of life.
Help me please!
Mama and Daddy are old and I know
that one day I’ll surely find
myself alone, but I hear your voice
through a child that so sweetly tells
me smile and follow me.
It’s so good to hold your hand, thank you
for your help my friend.
“Don’t forget that your life is here
today, yesterday, forever’s all the things
that you wish you could receive from them.
Maybe you’ll win the game!”
All around me now I can see every
masterpiece that you have made for us,
I can walk again along my way,
thanks to you My Lord all fears have
gone away. Haven’t won the game but now
I can play with you my friend
I’m not alone! …