Welcome to Fantasyland  

(G. Cifarelli)

Wouldn’t be nice if I could
draw a friend and with this image
drawn my cares away

First a hand and then and eye
oh how I wish that
you could come to life
It is so nice to be alive
I’m in 3D no longer just a fantasy
In a paper world there is no sun
no love just Minnie
Donald and Mickey

Welcome to
a world of multicolours
where we
hand in hand
yes we can play together living in a fantasy

You are welcome to Fantasyland
if the grass Is greener

On the other side then
why not come with me lead and I will follow
Follow me to cartoon land
where you can be
just what you want to be
I wanna be there in your reality
You better believe it in Fantasyland
where there is no fear
if you listen close
You will hear

Now I’ve seen the places
seen the faces I created in Fantasyland

With a bang my dream is over
I am home somebody’s
knocking at my door better believe it
even though I’m home
your image is so clear
if I listen close
I still hear